We’re changing the way the world treats people with Down syndrome.

The work we do every day changes lives — and not just for people with Down syndrome. Our advocacy efforts reach across our community. With every meeting, presentation and conversation, we’re building a society that sees people with Down syndrome more clearly —not as a population burdened by limitations, but as unique individuals with their own gifts to share.

Policy Advocacy

We work with lawmakers to develop and advocate for policies that promote inclusion and protects the rights of people with Down syndrome.

Medical Community Outreach

Every year, we meet with students from the University of Florida and University of Central Florida to introduce them to our families and let them learn first-hand about the medical issues facing individuals with Down syndrome.

The DSACF staff have partnered with all local hospitals to ensure they have brochures on hand to provide to new and expecting families. We want to help ensure that your diagnosis is delivered with helpful information about how to get involved locally.

DSACF’s Medical Advisory Board also keeps our families informed about the latest research and treatments

Educational Outreach

We offer programs and resources to help teachers, staffing specialists and administrators better understand and work with students who have Down syndrome. For families trying to navigate the complicated educational process, we provide information and connections to advocates who will support them along their journey.
happy child in a pink dress sitting in the grass
mom carrying her child and happy at DSACF Event Day
If you have an advocacy opportunity, please contact Heather Barnes at hbarnes@dsacf.org.
Heather Barnes

Heather Barnes

Executive Director