We empower people with Down syndrome — and the people who love them.

With the right support and resources, people with Down syndrome can do anything! If you have Down syndrome or care for someone who does, DSACF is here to help you (and your loved ones) reach your greatest potential and live the best life possible.
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Participate in Programs

that empower people with Down syndrome to learn, grow and reach their greatest potential at any age: Prenatal, Birth-PreK, K-8, Teens, Adults.

Attend Parent/Caretaker Events

to connect and make friends with people who understand ups, downs and issues that accompany Down syndrome. See Parent/Caretaker events.

Connect on Social Media

to stay up to date on all that’s happening in our community. Join our Private Facebook Group for families or caregivers of people with Down syndrome of Central Florida, to share resources, give support, offer advice and connect with people. Follow our Public Facebook Page and Instagram for program and event announcements, information about Down syndrome and inspiring stories from across our community.

Come to our Special Events

where you can meet families, make friends, and celebrate the joys of this extraordinary journey. View all events.

Scholarships to Support Families

We are excited and proud to provide scholarships for our families. We have two scholarship funds available, so please read through the qualifications and guidelines before applying.

Therapy & Medical Scholarships

May be used for a range of therapies, including, but not limited to: speech/language/communication therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, behavioral therapy, physical therapy, hypotherapy, music therapy, recreational therapy (sports, gym memberships, after school programs) and/or other medical treatments or medical equipment that are not otherwise covered by insurance. 

Family & Emergency Fund Scholarships

May be used for services otherwise not covered by insurance, such as swimming lessons, summer camps,  medical assessments or evaluations, glasses, orthodontics, etc. On a case by case basis, DSACF may offer emergency assistance for general household bills, food assistance or other services.  Please contact info@dsacf.org to discuss a request for emergency assistance.


Scholarship preference is given to active members who are in good standing with the organization.  Membership renewal is required annually.  Frequent absences and no-shows from registered events may result in your inability to receive scholarship funds.  The amount awarded per request varies and is based off of need and type of service requested. The scholarship year runs from Aug - July.  Please thoroughly read our scholarship policy in the link below.

Read our Scholarship Policy.
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