Low Down on Law Day

In partnership with Davey Law Group, P.A., the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida provides two Low Down on Law workshops each year. Expert lawyers, judges, and officials in the Central Florida community come together to break down the legal complexities families with special needs must navigate for their loved ones. Those who previously attended the event were overwhelmingly grateful for the knowledge and advice they received. All material, presentations, and information is brought to you at no charge at this amazing event!

"Today's presentation was one of the best I've attended in a long time. Great presenters. Great information. Great give and take. THIS is why we all Step Up for Down Syndrome!!!"


Low Down on Law Day

Guardianship, Guardian Advocacy, Special Needs Trusts, Estate Planning, ABLE Accounts

Speakers have included respected Judges and attorneys from Orange, Osceola, and Seminole County as well as Will Thompson, Deputy Executive Director of the Florida Prepaid College Board.



May 14, 2022 Agenda

Zoom Webinar

9:00am              Welcome and Program Overview
9:15am               “Guardianship and the Alternatives” with panel discussion with Judge Schreiber (Osceola) and Judge Marques (Orange)
10:30am          Break
10:45am “Why a Special Needs Trust may be needed in my Estate Plan”. Presented by Heidi Isenhart, Partner at Shuffield Lowman
12:00pm Program Concludes




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Low Down on Law Day breaks down complex law issues that affect adults with developmental disabilities.


Low Down on Lay Day

Navigating Government Benefits

Speakers have included UCF Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, Autism Society of Florida, nationally recognized disability advocates, Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, and more.

DSACF staff are always available to lend a listening ear, offer a shoulder to lean on, and help you get the answers to your questions.

Left to right: Jenn Sikora, ABLE pioneer, Will Thompson, Deputy Executive Director of the Florida Prepaid College Board, Catherine Davey, Esq., Founder and Chair of Low Down on Law Day, DSACF Board Member, and Best Buddies Community Champion

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